Xavier Slnečný Lúč at his first show ever, winning Very promising 2 under Jirina Jandova from CZ. Congratulation to Xavi´s owners!!

The last show of the year was held in Nitra where showed our Buchta - Bubble Illimon. The judge was honorable Mr.Sergej Vanža (SK). Buchta won her class and she got Exc.1, CAC :-)


In Budapest was held Champion of Champions show,  where was shown our puppy Batto - Yuan Slnečný Lúč.  He won BOB and so he proclaimed Champion of Hungary. The very first Chuandong in Europe which became champion in adult class!!!

Congratulations to his owner Dominika!!


During weekend 26-27.10. there was International show in Bratislava, where our Bambi was shown for the first time in Slovakia. On Saturday the judge was G.Ridarčíková (SK), and Bambi won Exc1,CAC and BOB and in the finals she was judged under Mr. Matyáš (SK), where she won 1st place BEST IN SHOW Group 11 (NON FCI breeds)! On Sunday the judge of BOB and also BOG competition was Mr.Havelka (SK), and Bambi won again 1st place in Group. We are very proud! :-) thank you Nikol Pisoňová for great handling in finals!


The first weekend in October is dedicated to International show in Komárom, where participated in Junior class for the first time Batto - Yuan Slnečný Lúč. With his owner Dominika they won following titles:


BATTO IS THE VERY FIRST CHUANDONG outside of CHINA, WHO BECAME CHAMPION !!!  He made a history in the breed over the world :-) Congratulations to owner Dominika Parkányová ! 


On Saturday we participated with Bambi on Slovakia Moloss Club dog show, where they welcomed us in new club very nicely and we thank you for that! The honorable judge was Sergej Vanža from Slovakia, our Bambi got Exc.1,CAC,BOB,Club Winner 2019 and BEST IN SHOW 2.


We participated on double dog show in Nowy Targ, Poland where our Buchta (JCh.Bubble Illimon) won both day Exc.1,CWC and BOS. We are very proud of her, because she was the youngest and she got mark "excellent" as only bitch in the ring, both days!! Thanks to judges Monika Kozlowska and Tomasz Borkowski from Poland.

On Sunday 30.06.2019 we participated on International show and National show in Krakow where Bambi Slnečný Lúč got Exc.1,CAC,BOB and Bubble Illimon got Exc.1 / 3, CWC !!!


On Sunday 12th May we participated on National dog show in Zalaegerszeg,HU where our Bambi got Exc.1,CAC,BOB and she went BEST IN SHOW in NON FCI recognized breeds! Thanks to all judges for appreciating Bambi´s quality!


V nedeľu sa naša Bambi zúčastnila Národnej výstavy psov v maďarskom Zalaegerzegu, kde získala V1,CAC a BOB od pána rozhodcu Lázsla Erdosa s krásnym posudkom. :-) v záverečných súťažiach sa umiestnila ako BEST IN SHOW Neuznané plemená FCI na 1.mieste!


Buchta was in intermedia class where she got Very good 1 under Milan Benkovský on Saturday. On Sunday she got Exc.1, CAC under Mr. Priehoda.

Our Bambi in open class got Exc.1,CAC,BOB. The judge was Mr. Miroslav Václavík,CZ.

On Sunday 24.03.2019 we participated on FCI dog show in Salgotarján, where our Bambi got the title Exc.1,CAC,BOB and the strict and honorable judge was Zsuzsana Balogh (HU). Our Buchta was Excellent 2 from 4 junior bitches, the judge was Mr. Erdosz Lázslo :-)

Since february 2019 history is made again, our kennel became officialy registered in China! Bambi also got her FCI/CKU pedigree and she became true Chongqing dog :-) We are very proud and happy! Show season can start..

On National winner show in Bratislava, 24.02.2019 Buchta became Junior Champion of Slovakia. She also won Exc.1,CAJC from 3 junior bitches under judge Sergei Vanža!

Buchta started the show season 2019 perfectly - both days got CAJC in junior class. Thanks to judges Tibor Havelka and Lenka Fairaislová (CZ) :)

The last year show for our Buchta in Nitra, where she took both day 2nd place from 5 females. She was the youngest from all and we are very proud of her!

On this Special show in Budča our Buchta (Bubble Illimon) in puppy class became first under Mr. Dušan Paunovič (SRB)

On club show in Budča our puppy Buchta (Bubble Illimon), won Very promising 1 and later BIS puppy 2 under Mrs. Linda Voláriková!

From July 2018 started the registration of the breed Chongqing Dog in EU,Russia and USA. We sent the application with blood sample to China on 1st July and it came into Chinese Kennel Club. At the moment we are waiting for the answer from CKU. When Bambi gets the pedigree, we will do the registration of our puppies in China too. Wish us luck :-)

On 26th June 2018 was born historically first litter of Chongqing dogs in Slovakia. 6 amazing babies (3 males and 3 females). Puppies are in red deer colour and mahogany red colour. Both parents are originally from China (the father is import China and mother was born in Russia after two chinese parents). In the case of questions or interest in show dog or pet, please feel free to contact us!

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